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Looking Back for Oct. 16, 2019

Chicago Great Western depot at Clare, 1960. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
Chicago Great Western depot at Clare, 1960. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.

1919 – 100 YEARS AGO

POCAHONTAS COAL – We have a limited tonnage of mine run Pocahontas Coal that we can make prompt delivery on. DeKalb Fuel and Mercantile co. Phone 469.

City Engineer A. R. Russell is enjoying the pleasures of a new Oakland sedan purchase this week from the local agency. Dr. C. L. Cheney is also the possessor of a good-looking enclosed car, one of the latest models of Dodge sedans. A. R. Russell and Sager Russell are in Cleveland, Ohio this week and will drive new Chandlers on their return from a visit at the Chandler Motor Car factories there.

The party at the Elks Club this evening is not a fancy ball; it is strictly informal. Come up in your boots if you wish, you are welcome.

There will be an entertainment given by the Swedish Good Templars Saturday, October 18, 1919, at the New Finnish Temperance Hall on State St. at 8:00 p.m.

There is no change in conditions at Genoa with the telephone strike still in effect. Residents are walking to town for their groceries, omitting their daily visits over the phone, rushing madly here and there when something is wanted in a hurry, and are otherwise greatly inconvenienced since the operators walked out on a strike last Thursday morning. The girls have been getting from $38 to $50 per month and are demanding a ten-dollar a month raise. No one seems to know what action will eventually be taken to settle the matter or how long the strike will last.

The local fire department had to fight the worst fire that it has had in months at midnight last night when a call to the Beghtol secondhand store on East Lincoln Highway brought the boys to a blaze that looked for a time as if it might clean up the entire east end. The department made a wonderful fight and by quick, efficient work kept the fire to the one building, that occupied by the Beghtol establishment, the Busy Bee restaurant and the Chuck Lewis’ barber shop. Just how the fire started is a mystery. It evidently originated in the kitchen of the Busy Bee place but what the cause was the fire chief is not prepared to say. Beghtol Brothers occupied one of the first-floor stores and the entire second floor of the building. The building was owned by a Mr. Perkins.

1944 – 75 YEARS AGO

Gerald Heath, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Nelson, celebrated his thirteenth birthday on Friday, October 13, by having as supper guests, thirteen of his friends. After supper the boys and girls attended the theatre.

A pre-school nursery project at the Northern Illinois Teacher College has been approved by the Federal Works agency. The nursery for the pre-school age children of the working mothers in DeKalb is to be established in the present home economics nursery of the science building.

Through the courtesy of the Central Illinois Light Company and the efforts of the Anaconda Wire & Cable company, the former has a large window that has 100 or more pieces, stands, coils or rolls of wire on display that is attracting much attention from the passersby. Each exhibit is properly labeled, giving interested spectators a small inkling of the magnitude of the Anaconda Company.

City trucks were today gathering tin cans which have been prepared and saved by the residents of this city as a part of the war effort on the home front. Tin is vitally needed and this is one way which the people at home can help.

Raymond Larson, eleven years old, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Larson, was painfully injured on Saturday when a pony he was riding shied at a pheasant as it suddenly flew into the air and ran away. Raymond was too young to control the animal or halt it, and as it reached a road, ran into a passing automobile. The autoists, whose names were not learned, took the boy home and Mrs. Larson was considerably alarmed as she saw the riderless pony following the auto into the yard. The attending doctor reports the boy’s injuries are slight but concludes he was fortunate that he was not more seriously hurt.

An excellent pep session was held in assembly hall during home room period yesterday. A small skit was put on by several girls and they did a mighty fine job, too. Arline Swanson represented Sycohi. The result was a spectacular battle, and of course Sycohi won. The cheerleaders put forth some might extra lusty yells, of course, with the help of the student body.

Through the efforts of Senator Dennis Collins, more than 10,000 fish were placed in the Kishwaukee in the county, most of them in the vicinity of Paw Paw and other spots in that locality. R. E. Wedberg, of Waterman, according to reports, is directly responsible for the restocking of the stream, as he made a special appeal to Senator Collins, and secured results.

1969 – 50 YEARS AGO

Walcamp is proud of its newly erected lighted entrance sign which was a gift to the camp in memory of Rovert Kornatz of Hinsdale and was installed by Donald Lynch of Kingston.

Hundreds of persons Wednesday participated in several activities in support of the nation-wide Vietnam Moratorium Day.  The activities included a fair, seminars, torchlight parade, demonstration at the Dekalb draft board, a “Silent Vigil” at the U.S. Post Office on Grove Street, and distribution of antiwar leaflets by DeKalb area women. There were no incidents of violence, according to DeKalb police.

Plans for a “Dress-A-Doll for Charity” contest have been announced by the DeKalb Junior Woman’s Club. Mrs. Charles Telford is chairman of the contest and Mrs. Keith Setchell is co-chairman. The contest is open to the community and surrounding area, and entry blanks may be picked up at the Wirtz & Wirtz furniture store, Malones or Knit-A-Bit in DeKalb. Any type of doll can be used and dressed for entry in six different categories.

1994 – 25 YEARS AGO

Adventures in Barbland was constructed approximately a year ago, thanks in great part to the efforts and determination of volunteer Linda Higgins. The DeKalb Park District board honored Higgins Thursday as the outstanding park district citizen of the year.

Uses and features of WordPerfect 5.1, WordPerfect 6.0, and Excel 4.0 computer programs will be explored in three more October workshops at Kishwaukee College.

Seven-year old Ashley Watson, of Sandwich, was presented the Star of Life award by the Sandwich City Council and the Sandwich Ambulance Rescue Squad on Oct. 10. Watson phoned 911 after her mother fell unconscious on Sept. 30. Ambulance captain Karlene Dolder said, “Ashley was calm, clear, and able to give all the necessary information to get medical assistance. She did a good job.” Sandwich Mayor Tom Thomas said, “It felt really good to give the award and to know the system is working well.”

Two Sycamore residents have started a savings account to raise money to replace the Sycamore trees cut down due to development along Sycamore Road. Joan Barczak, co-owner of Blumen Gardens, a Sycamore landscaping firm, said she and her husband, Joel, started the “Save Our Sycamores” savings account at the National Bank and Trust Company of Sycamore to help replace the trees.

• Compiled by the Joiner History Room, DeKalb County Archives.

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