ogs strut their stuff at NIU Convocation Center

DeKALB – Northern Illinois University’s Convocation Center usually is the home of the Huskies, but this weekend, the Convo went to all the dogs.

The 66th and 67th annual Kennel Club of Yorkville Dog Shows were held April 6 and 7 at the Convo. The American Kennel Club-licensed show featured about 900 entries and about 130 different dog breeds, from miniature pinschers to Newfoundlands, toy poodles to Saint Bernards.

Each day of the event featured identical shows but had different judges.

“We do it for the love of dogs,” Show Chairwoman Diane Corkey said. “It’s similar to a pinewood derby or a classic car show, with winners winning ribbons or trophies. Dogs are awarded for their conformation, or how close they fit the breed standard, their obedience and how they move in the ring. It’s a fun, social event, and you leave with the pride of knowing you did well.”

For Maureen Smetzer of Hinckley, the event was a fun way to show her two toy poodles, 2-year-old Misty and 1-year-old Crown Royale.

“I’ve been showing toy poodles for about 40 years, and I love it,” Smetzer said. “Toy poodles are wonderful dogs, great companions with wonderful temperaments. It’s a great way to talk to others about the breed and answer questions.”

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