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Looking Back for Oct. 9, 2019

Chicago Great Western depot and Farmers Coop elevator at Esmond, looking east. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
Chicago Great Western depot and Farmers Coop elevator at Esmond, looking east. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.

1919 – 100 YEARS AGO

No photoplay has ever aroused more genuine enthusiasm than “The Miracle Man,” the wonderful production that is appearing at the New Armory Theatre tonight and tomorrow. Unbiased critics have hailed it as a screen masterpiece and the really great motion picture of modern times.

If Jupiter Pluvius will take a rest Sunday, instead of turning the Pershing park diamond into a lake, DeKalb fans will have an opportunity of seeing a good game. The local team is to cross bats with the strong South Chicago team. The South Chicago boys have twice defeated Joe Green’s famous colored team of Chicago.

The police received a report early yesterday that a stock car had been broken into in the railroad yards and six or seven sheep were missing. No trace of the sheep has been found.

This month’s issue of the Golfer’s magazine contains a full-length portrait of Mrs. Perry Fisk, our famous woman golfer and western champion. The article gives Mrs. Fisk a splendid write-up and praises her long game during the first matches. It also mentions her brilliant work in getting out of trouble in bunkers, and other hazards.

Marwood Veale received a telegram Friday from his son Morris saying he had arrived in New York, Thursday. Morris is about the last one of our boys to come home from overseas.

The Clock Fund promoted by the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Relief society is now around $1,500. This fund is not sufficient to install the clock DeKalb wants. All must help – it is the public’s job. Organizations and societies should lend a hand, also private subscriptions. A home baking and apron sale is to be held Saturday at Still’s Drug Store at which it is hoped to add $300 more to the fund.

John Agnew of Elva is installing a furnace in his home this week. C. E. Walters of DeKalb is putting it in.

Another masquerader in a service suit was run down by the police today. For several days a young fellow has been about the city dressed in the garb of a “gob” of the United States navy. Not liking the fellow’s looks, Officer Rowe took him to the station for a little conversation. The chief gave him a strong talking, after which the young man finally confessed and it was arranged that he go to work here and pay up some bills he has incurred.

1944 – 75 YEARS AGO

Those who saw Marilyn Miller limping around school last week (and who didn’t) wondered why. It can be told now – she missed a few steps at school and gave her ankle a dilly of twist.

Friday evening J. H. Rudolph was host to employees of the Rudolph and Company plant, entertaining the 65 men and women at the lovely three course dinner at the Fargo Hotel, Sycamore. A gift was presented to their employer by the group, and all enjoyed the entertainment provided by a Chicago magician.

Peter Suknaich, who broke his hip on July 6 is able to get around with the aid of crutches. Yesterday he went to visit his place of business on North Tenth Street. Although he was pretty tired when he got there, he enjoyed going out for the first time in three months.

The state’s insistence on parallel parking along our main street will never prove popular with the people of DeKalb who have tried both kinds. The parallel method means less parking space and a lot of confusion because some drivers will find it hard to get in and out without using up nearly half a block of driving space for it.

Postmaster James Boyle says today there are but nine days left in which to send Christmas parcels to men and women on overseas duty for Uncle Sam. Prompt delivery is virtually assured unless a boat carrying such mail is sunk.

Carl Wiltberger, who has been a rural carrier of the DeKalb post office for some time and retired from service October 1, will be the guest of honor at a meeting of the Rural Mail Carriers’ Association.

Hap Wallace of Sycamore, bowling with the Sycamore Legion in the City League at the DeKalb Recreation last evening, was crashing the maples with abandon and when he had completed his three games had a 700 series right on the head.

1969 – 50 YEARS AGO

Eleven stores in Maple Park are scheduled to be painted Saturday by a Northern Illinois University environmental design group. “We are painting the town in order to change it from the traditional whites and greys and pastels,” according to Dan Kaziny, a design student. The NIU design students will paint each of the store fronts in Maple Park as part of a design group project.

DeKalb Faculty Wives saw a demonstration of the versatility and practicality of wigs when the member met recently at the home of Mrs. Thomas Peterson.

In honor of National Fire Prevention Week, the Sycamore Fire Department has been busy, keeping the schools busy, with surprise fire drills. Although unexpected, the students came pouring through the doors single file, books and all, before the bell stopped ringing. Students at St. Mary’s numbering 195, evacuated the building in 45 seconds.

Sunday’s rodeo east of Sycamore came off as a great attempt to hang on to, or re-capture something that isn’t anymore. Big, mean horses, steers, and bulls provided the transportation for those with guts enough to ride. Those with guts enough to ride provided the spectator with an honest afternoon of sport.

1994 – 25 YEARS AGO

At the DeKalb City Council meeting Monday, the Council will vote on the McArthur/Glen annexation agreement, which was approved by the plan commission last week. The McArthur/Glen development is a 70-acre site located at Fairview and Webster Roads. The developers are seeking to build a factory outlet center, with an anticipated opening of fall 1995.

The DeKalb Park District staff will be installing an automatic irrigation system at Buena Vista Golf Couse this fall. The automatic system will replace the manual system that required may hours of labor, as well as inconvenience to golfers.

Environmental issues have been cropping up all over the world and DeKalb County is no exception. If you are one of these people and want to know what others are thinking, planning and doing, plan to attend a “Green Gathering” at the Russell Forest Preserve Oct. 16. This will be an informal exchange of ideas and concerns.

Up, up and away. Dan Fazekas of DeKalb got the ride of his life Wednesday when his wife Lynn gave him a hot air balloon ride for his birthday. They took off near the DeKalb County Nursing home where Dan is employed, so the residents could take part in the celebration.

• Compiled by the Joiner History Room, DeKalb County Archives.

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